A few years ago, hoping to satisfy cravings for a crispy and tasty snack after adopting a low-carb lifestyle, owner-entrepreneur Kalista Johnston decided to experiment in her country kitchen. The result was the first prototype of Grace Island Baked Cheese Crisps, a golden, crunchy medallion made from real cheese, rich creamy sesame seeds, and farm-fresh egg whites and specially seasoned with her own unique blends of herbs and spices. They were an instant success with friends and family.


Today, Grace Island Baked Cheese Crisps are made in the grain-free kitchen of her manufacturing site, nestled in the rich farmland of northeastern Indiana. It’s been a family affair from the beginning, with Kalista’s mother, sister, brother, aunts, and in-laws assisting with various aspects of the business, from the initial development through current production. Kalista strives to source her materials close to home and purchases locally produced ingredients to ensure the most delicious and wholesome product.

Grace Island Baked Cheese Crisps are the inaugural product of Grace Island Specialty Foods. Kalista continues to develop new varieties of cheese crisps and other fine gourmet products. In the meantime, enjoy the rich goodness of Asiago, Parmesan & Italian Herb, Romano & Black Pepper, and Baby Swiss Grace Island Baked Cheese Crisps.


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